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Music History

Daniel W. Ricci

A.K.A. DRich

I contribute my love for music to my mom & dad, who loved to play Italian music throughout the house. They were also members of the Italian Singing Group At OLMC West.

My 4 sisters played an array of Motown and Rock and Roll,  back in the sixties and seventies that’s all the genre there was.

  I was born in 61’ it was a simpler time. I remember at age 8, going to Edgewater Park and seeing the Raspberries perform, when I was a little older I watchrd other bands at Edgewater Park. That’s when concerts were free!


When I was in High school at West Tech, at age 16 ! I was sneaking into Disco clubs, like Jicky’s After Dark, Ginsberg, Century lounge, Candy Lee’s, and my all time favorite, Rampant Lion to name a few. I started listening to the Whispers, Chic, Dazz Band, Gap Band, SOS Band , Sugerhill gang, Bee gee’s And Tavares. Following dj’s like Charlie Brown, and Keith Previt. Watching and learning from them a little but still not diving into Disc jockeying until later in life.

When the information age hit, I broke out my old albums and put them on the computer. I discovered a program called PCDJ blue and played with it a couple of years. One day in 2004, my niece wanted to have music at my nephews birthday party and asked me to play music with a crude home amp and low budget speakers. I performed for family and friends. When I was done, I was asked to do another party and the DJ business for me started. I’ve been Disc jockeying ever since.  


We now have a state of the art  sound system and all digital program with Virtual DJ a couple of 2000 watt amps, JBL Speakers and a great light show. A back up system in the rare case of a problem.

We can bring any party, Birthday, Wedding, Graduation, and School Function great music and a light show that will rock the house.    


We offer Motown, Disco, Rock and Roll, 70’s & 80’s, Rat Pack Review, Italian, and more.

We have been Rockin Parties and Wedding for 10 Wonderful Yrs.